Welcome Aboard!


Hello! Thank you for deciding to partner with Grandview Collective. I am happy to be working with you!

After just a few short steps, your new project will be underway!

1: Create a Pinterest inspiration board

2: Complete new customer questionnaire

3: Share all content & images

4. Send over any account logins


Pinterest Inspiration Board

Pinterest is a great place to get inspired! 
Create a new board and gather several images to communicate visually how you would like your website to look and feel. The images don't need to be of other websites necessarily, but more images with a style and feel that encompasses how you'd like to present your logo and business. Pin as many images as you see fit - the more the merrier!


New Customer Questionnaire

This customer questionnaire helps me get to know the important details about your business that will help be build your website. Make sure to complete every question that concerns your business.


Sharing Content & Photos

The next step is to gather all the copy and images that you will want on your website and share it in our Google Drive folder.A good rule of thumb when compiling your copy - people mostly skim read and large paragraphs can be skipped over if they look to overwhelming. 

Good photos can really make your website! Place all images that you'd like to include on your website into a folder. Please re-name the images with the page you would like them on for easy identification. 

In need of good stock photos? A few of my favorite sites include: UnSplash.comPexels.com, Stocksy.com. Etsy and Creative Market are great resources to buy beautiful styled stock photography.


send account details

To begin your project, I will need the following login information:

  • Squarespace account - only if you already have one

  • Email service provider - if applicable

  • Domain name (URL) service - if applicable

If you don't already have a paid Squarespace account, don't worry! I am a member of Squarespace's professional network, The Circle, where we can grant 6-month trial period plans as well as a 20% discount off the plan of your choice for the first year. Once your project is complete and I pass the website admin access over to you, all you need to do is log in and my discount will be applied at checkout. 


And that's it!

Once all of the boxes are checked, it's time to start on your project!